Our fans from all around the world appreciate our music.

Good Evening. I was curious if you would allow me to use your song. "I Love My Teacher" for a non-commercial Teacher Appreciation video. We would like to share it with our district staff and community members. Thank you for your consideration. Thank You, Ben Leavitt

My kids very much enjoy the Tidy Up Rhumba having it been played at school and I've quickly come to learn that they'll actually tidy at home if I play it - so REALLY big thanks for that! This is just merely a suggestion email to recreate the Rhumba for 'home' tidying during the lockdown. Something more tailored around tidying around the home/bedroom? Thanks from a very happy parent, Alex

 I love your "I Love My Teacher" song. May I have permission to use it in a photo slideshow of the teachers at my school and post on Facebook? I will certainly give you credit in the show. Thank you!  Rachel Bullen

I am a photography teacher in Temecula, California. I came across your Love My School song as I was looking for background music for a little video I made for our recent professional development day of teachers teaching teachers. Would I be able to get permission to use part of your song with my video? Thanks for your consideration!

Dave Carlson

Hello, My name is Cailin, I am 9 years old and live in Philadelphia. I am trying to make a video with all my friends from school so we can send it to our teachers. I really love this song and think my teachers would to. My mom said I needed to ask permission before I could use it. I want to use the I love my teacher song. I would be sharing this video with my school friends and the teacher at my school. Thank you Cailin. My Mom's name is Patti 

 Hi there, hope you are all keeping well! I'm writing to you as the Headteacher of Mayfield Special school up here in Lancashire. For some time now we have played your YouTube song during our school assemblies which the children love! At the moment most of our school is at home and we'd like to put together a school assembly video for them to watch with their parents or carers. If possible we'd like to use the Star of the Week in this video and wondered if this was ok and how we would credit you for this? Thanks in advance, Rachel!

Hi, I am a secondary teacher from Glasgow and I've come across your song - New Beginnings on YouTube. I was wondering if I would be able to use the song in a transition video I am preparing for our new first years. The video would be uploaded by the school on Youtube and shared on Twitter to our feeder primary schools. Michelle McCance

 Dear Chris and George, My name is Marzieh Sadeghi and I am an animation student at Emily Carr University of Art+Design in Vancouver, Canada. The students in my class are collaborating with the Vancouver Police Department to make several animated short films, one by each of us. These will be a non-profit films and might be shown to elementary school students in Vancouver with the goal being to teach them how to cross the street safely. I have listened to your "Stop Look and Listen" song from Album 1 and I would love to use it as the soundtrack for my animation. I believe that children can learn better through music and the songs of Musical Playground lend the perfect tone to this project. Please let me know if you would be willing to lend me the song rights for this non-profit animation. Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to your reply. Kind regards, Marzieh Sadeghi