Singing Assemblies from Home!

I decided to start making music assemblies from home as we are on Lockdown due to Corona Virus! I was going to use the phrase "during these unprecedented times" but i know the word has been overused in the media and is now well oversaturated!!!

I love singing and I lead the music assemblies at my school in Enfield! I must say,

I really miss singing with children. Children so appreciate singing assemblies and they always look forward to them. They never like to miss them which makes me feel good and assures me that singing is a great way to start your day, as it injects a little fun and feel good factor to it! My singing assemblies at my school run twice a week and I thought there is no way we are not going to continue singing. So, I decided to use the power of a camera and Youtube to continue! Simple!

I aim to make the assemblies engaging for all ages and so include varied songs that are fun for all. Please visit my Youtube Channel and leave a comment if you enjoyed this assembly and I would really appreciate any of your suggestions as to how I can improve them. If you have any song suggestions please let me know.

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