Enfield Advertiser interviews George and Christalla from Musical Playground

Once again.. a little more exposure for us... how lovely to be contacted by The Enfield Advertiser. Thank you for doing this feature on our music. We really appreciate it:)) Here is the article if you are finding it hard to read this one. A song composed by Enfield Teachers, encouraging children to clear up the classroom after lessons has become a hit with colleagues and parents. Chris Michael and George Papakyriacou wrote the Tidy Up Rhumba together and it has had more than 2 million hits via their Youtube Channel. The two teachers joined forces as Musical Playground to write songs for children and have just released their second Album, Are we there yet? They met at Barnet College and started composing fun and educational music and songs together before recording them in a studio and releasing the albums to reach a wider audience. "we felt there were not enough songs out there for children and we have written at least 25 songs with different themes and topics" said Mrs Michael. Tidy Up Rhumba has struck a chord with parents and teachers. Mrs Michael 42 who works at Westgrove Primary School in Chase Road Southgate, where she is the music co-ordinator said. "We've had comments about the Tidy Up Rhumba from Sweden and America and people tell us it works." She said that teachers were always trying to encourage children to clear up after a busy lesson. "It's a bugbear for teachers. We wanted to write a silly song, make it fun and have children enjoy tidying up without feeling it's a chore. It's about putting chairs on tables, that kind of thing, that as teachers we have to do. We've had a lot of people say it really works with their child at home." The song is getting 3,000 to 4,000 hits a day and the teachers hope it is helping to get children to tidy up. The two composers used to work at the same school. Mr Papakyriacou 44 now teaches at St Michael's Primary in Brigadier Hill, Enfield. In their song they tell children: "i want this classroom to look so fantastic."

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